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Dragan Ivetić Gives Lecture for IRMCT Inter University Lectures Programme

On 26 February 2020, ADC-ICT Vice-President, Dragan Ivetić gave a lecture from the IRMCT Hague via video-link to 100 LLM students simultaneously located at the Faculty of Law of the following Universities: a) Zagreb; b) Sarajevo; c) Pristina; d) Novi Sad; e) Podgorica and e) Skoplje. The lecture was on the topic of ICTY practice as to “Safeguarding the rights of the accused and Self-representation.” The lecture was the seventh in a series of 8 lectures organized as part of a program funded by the European Union, known as the Inter University Lectures Programme – with the aim of resulting in a series of online/video lectures in international law and the ICTY legacy. Participants were able to send questions in advance and were also given an opportunity to pose questions during the lecture. The video recording of these lectures eventually will be available online from the IRMCT. The ADC-ICT had been invited to participate in this ICTY Legacy project last year and worked with the Outreach department to prepare for the same.

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