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The ADC-ICT will hold a series of  webinars on open source evidence in September 2023, conducted by experts in this field. Each webinar will be one hour and will include time for questions and answers with the presenters. 

Increasingly, open-source evidence is both is relied upon by all parties at trials, and used as a generic term of all manner of evidence. How can defence counsel and defence team members better understand what is meant by open-source evidence? What are basic practices and procedures which can be used to analyse this evidence? What are its advantages and limitations in the courtroom? How can we learn from past experiences and apply it to future cases?


The ADC-ICT Training Committee has put together a series of lectures meant to orient lawyers and assist in their use and exploitation of open-source evidence. The objective is to deliver a practical guide to these issues, to point out current and future legal issues, and reflect on how such evidence has been used heretofore.

Dates, Topics and Speakers

Tuesday 5 September: Basic Open-Source Methodologies - George Katz

Tuesday 12 September: Legal Aspects and Use of Open Source Evidence in Trials - Prof. Yvonne McDermott Rees and Konstantina Stavrou

Tuesday 19 September: Practical Use of Open Source Evidence in a Case - Mylène Dimitri and Jason Antley

The webinars will take place between 4pm and 5pm (The Hague time).


There are three purchase options: 

Single Lecture: 10.00

Two Lectures: €20.00

Full Series: €25.00

Certificates of completion can be issued upon request. 

Members of the ADC-ICT can join for free, please email to register. If you would like to sign up for ADC-ICT membership, please visit the Membership Page

ADC-ICT Open Source Evidence Lecture Series
ADC-ICT Open Source Evidence Lecture Series
Multiple Dates
12 Sept, 16:00 – 17:00


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