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The ADC-ICT has three types of membership. Full and Associate membership which are constitutional categories and Affiliate membership which is not a category of membership enshrined in the ADC-ICT Constitution

Full Members

Only Full Members are eligible to act as Counsel to represent persons accused the IRMCT. To become a Full Member certain requirements must be met, for a full list of qualification requirements and an application form, please click here.


Membership Fee

The current annual fee is €250.

Associate Members

Any person who supports the objectives of the ADC-ICT and would like to become an integral part of the association is eligible to become an Associate Member. Associate members are eligible to attend the General Assembly and vote in the elections. Associate members are ineligible to be elected to the constitutional committees but may be eligible to run for election in certain other committees. 


Membership Fee

The current annual fee is €250. 

Affiliate Members

To facilitate the establishment of a network of young professionals in the field of international criminal law, the ADC-ICT has an Affiliate Member Programme. This type of membership is primarily aimed at young practitioners, scholars, students and interns, however anyone who has an interest in the ADC-ICT and its activities is eligible to join as an Affiliate.


Membership Fee


The current annual fee is €70. There is reduced fee for students and unpaid interns which is €35.

Full and Associate Member Benefits


Full and Associate Members may benefit from the fact that:


  • The ADC-ICT represents the interest of all Counsel towards the international courts and tribunals;


  • The ADC-ICT manages the Defence Counsel Rooms, providing filing cabinets, working spaces with computers and other services;


  • The ADC-ICT coordinates an intern program for Defence Teams;


  • The ADC-ICT provides training on technical issues, such as the Electronic Disclosure System, CaseMap and the Judicial Database;


  • The ADC-ICT provides Trial Advocacy Training;


  • The ADC-ICT informs the Members of current developments in the Tribunal;


  • The ADC-ICT provides Advisory Opinions on the Code of Conduct;


  • The ADC-ICT is able to file amicus curiae briefs;


  • The ADC-ICT provides other services as required by members.

Affiliate Member Benefits


Affiliate Members may benefit from the fact that:


  • The ADC-ICT organises annual advocacy training sessions and Mock Trials;


  • The ADC-ICT regularly publishes a newsletter;


  • The ADC-ICT distributes monthly information on vacancies and events around the world in the field of international law;


  • The ADC-ICT is dedicated to establishing a network of young professionals in the field of international criminal law. 

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