The Rules Committee is responsible for representing the views of members before the Rules Committee of the IRMCT. The Rules Committee members can proposed changes to the Rules of Procedure and Evidence at the IRMCT on behalf of members of the ADC-ICT.

David Josse

Josse has been a member of the ADC since 2005 when he became co-counsel to Momcilo Krajisnik. Thereafter he was co-counsel to Milan Gvero. In total he spent almost 5 years in continuous trial at the ICTY. He has been active in the ADC since joining and was previously on the ICTY Rules Committee. 

novak lukic.jpg
Novak Lukić

Novak Lukić has acted as Lead Counsel before the ICTY for Miroslav Tadić, Veselin Šljivančanin and Momčilo Perišić. He was President of the ADC-ICTY between 2012 and 2013 and has been a member of various committees. Lukić was a member of the Serbian legal team before the International Court of Justice in the Croatia v. Serbia case.