The Training Committee is responsible for organising the training events conducted by the ADC-ICT including advocacy training sessions, Mock Trial and Annual Conference. 

Dragan Ivetic

Dragan Ivetic has been involved in cases at the ICTY since 1999. He is currently the Co-Counsel to Ratko Mladić in the ICTY case Prosecutor v. Mladić and Legal Consultant for Valentin Corić in the Prlić et al case. Ivetic has also been a Co-Counsel in the cases Prosecutor v. Mejakić et al., Prosecutor v. Milutinović et al and Prosecutor v. Milan Lukić & Sredoje Lukić at the ICTY.

Marie O'Leary

Marie O'Leary is currently Counsel for the Office of Public Counsel for the Defence (OPCD) at the ICC. She was previously a member of the defence teams of Naser Orić, Vlastimir Đorđević, Milan Lukić (Lukić & Lukić) and Dragomir Pećanac at the ICTY. O'Leary previously held the position of Head of Office for the ADC-ICTY. 

Colleen Rohan

Colleen Rohan began working at the international courts in 2006 when she was appointed as counsel in the Popović et al. case at the ICTY. She has served as defence counsel for Idriz Balaj and Legal Consultant on the Karadžić Stand-By Team and for Momcilo Perišić. She was President of the ADC-ICTY between 2013 and 2015. She has also defended clients before the EULEX courts in Kosovo.