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On 16 February 2019, the ADC-ICT held its Annual Conference. The purpose of the conference was to bring together legal experts to discuss International Criminal Law: Beyond The Hague. Presentations were given by practitioners from the international courts and tribunals as well as academics. The conference was attended by over 140 legal professionals, media and students. Below you can find the videos of the proceedings and presentations. 

Please note that the presentations may not be cited or reproduced without prior authorization of the speakers.

Panel 1 - ​Guantánamo Bay - Extraterritorial Justice or Legal Black-Hole?


Colleen Rohan


Alka Pradhan - Presentation

Captain Mark Andreu - Presentation

Prof. Helen Duffy - Presentation

Prof. mr. dr. Geert-Jan Knoops - Presentation

Panel 2 - The Special Criminal Court in the Central African Republic – A Model for Complementarity?


Marie O'Leary


Jasper Pauw

Yasmine Chubin - Presentation

Chantal Daniels

Editimfon Ikpat

Panel 3: Special Jurisdiction for Peace in Colombia - the Way Forward for Transitional Justice?

*This panel was conducted under the Chatham House Rules and therefore no recording is available. 


Dragan Ivetic


H.E. Juan José Quintana

Lily Andrea Rueda Guzmán - Presentation

Dr. Fabián O. Raimondo

Sophia Müller - Presentation

Special Lecture to Honor the Service of Judge Theodor Meron to International Criminal Justice,

Speaker: Gabrielle McIntyre

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