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The ADC-ICT conducts training, lectures and conferences for counsel and young professionals throughout the year as well as hold Mock Trial in the IRMCT courtroom. Further information is available below and if you are interested in attending any of these events please keep regular check the website.

A selection of previous advocacy training sessions are available for purchase on the ADC-ICT's Online Training Portal.

Each training includes a video of the original event and materials which were distributed to participants.

Certificates are issued for each course purchased.

For further information visit the Training Portal.

The ADC-ICT holds masterclassess for legal professionals, students and interns. Further information about the programme for 2024 is available on the training page. 

Videos and materials from previous training courses are available for purchase here

Information about previous training sessions can be found in the news archive. 

The ADC has conducted training sessions in Belgrade and Sarajevo in 2019. The videos from these training events are available here in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbia language. 

The ADC-ICT  organises a Mock Trial each year, together with the International Criminal Law Bureau. The Mock Trial is a one-week event hosted by the ADC-ICT in The Hague. The week includes hands-on evening sessions for young professionals in the field of international criminal law and a one-day Mock Trial exercise in the IRMCT Courtroom in front of international Judges and Counsel.


The evening sessions focus on practical skills and expertise and are given by experienced Counsel to prepare participants for a career in international criminal law. Topics include "legal drafting", "oral trial advocacy", "opening and closing statements" and "ethics in international criminal law". Participants will be requested to make written filings in teams as well as perform in the courtroom on the day of the Mock Trial.

Mock Trial 2024

The 2024 Mock Trial will take place between 18 and 24 June 2024. 

Further information is available here.

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