The ADC-ICT has been granted NGO Observer Status at the Military Commissions in August 2019 by the Pentagon’s Guantánamo Bay Convening Authority. This grants permission for ADC-ICT representatives to travel to Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, or Fort Meade, Maryland to carry out the role as an observer at the Military Commission proceedings. There are currently only 26 participant organisations worldwide which have been granted permission to observe proceedings. Only members in good standing of the ADC-ICT are eligible to serve as observers.

For those interested in serving as a Military Commission Observer, information on upcoming observation dates is available below. Observation opportunities are posted as soon as they become available. Individuals interested in becoming an Military Commission Observer are encouraged to check the site often.

Travel may also be to Fort Meade, Maryland military base where the same Guantánamo Bay hearings may be viewed via secure video-link.

The application form below must be completed by members seeking to serve as a Military Commission Observer at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, or Fort Meade, Maryland.

If there is higher interest than places available for a particular session, places will be allocated randomly. 

A maximum of one ADC-ICT Observer can travel to Guantánamo Bay per session. The flights usually depart on the Saturday before the start of the hearings from Joint Base Andrews in Maryland and return the following Saturday after the week of hearings. Observers must be able to stay in Guantánamo for the full week of the hearings. Flights and basic accommodation in military tents are provided but observers are responsible for making their own travel arrangements to get to Joint Base Andrews.

ADC-ICT Observers are also responsible for obtaining their own medical and evacuation insurance for the period they will be present in Guantánamo Bay. 

The schedule below is tentative and can be changed or cancelled at short notice. Those members who are nominated to travel to Guantánamo Bay or Fort Meade must complete all paperwork within strict deadlines stipulated by the Convening Authority and the final authorization to travel to Guantánamo Bay is dependent upon the decision of  the Base Commander. 

The ADC-ICT must receive an application form at least 65 days before the scheduled hearings for US nationals and at least 95 days for non-US nationals. You will only be contacted if you have been selected as an ADC-ICT nominee for a hearing session. 

Updates from proceedings from ADC-ICT Observers are available here

Hearings have currently been postponed, please keep check of this page for updated information for when hearings commence again. 

ADC-ICT NGO Observer - Registration of Interest
Please check the boxes below if you are interested in the possibility of travel to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to attend hearings. For travel to Guantanamo Bay, a passport is required. Please note that that you are responsible for making all travel arrangements and accomodation which is required in Washington DC (before and after the flights to Guantanamo Bay).
Please check the boxes below to indicate if you are interested in the possibility of attendFort Meade to view the hearings via secure closed-circuit (you may choose one or more days in any combination in any/all of the weeks mentioned). Please note that you are responsible for providing your own transport and accomodation costs to attend these sessions:
The ADC-ICT is unable to give any assistance with obtaining travel documentation or visas and you must be able to travel to the United States before submitting an application. Please choose one of the following:

Thanks for submitting