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The Disciplinary Council is an independent organ of the ADC-ICT. It is responsible for monitoring the conduct of members, adjudicating on complaints received against members and providing advisory opinions on ethical related matters and interpretation of the Constitution. 


Iain Edwards

I am a barrister at the Bar of England and Wales (practising since September 2001). Since 2009, the focus of my practice has been defending in international criminal cases. I have represented, or assisted in the representation of, clients in a total of nine cases before the ICTR, STL, IRMCT and ICC. I am currently associate counsel for Mr Ali Muhammad Ali Abd-Al-Rahman (Darfur) before the ICC, and counsel for Mr Alphonse Nteziryayo before the IRMCT. I was also ad hoc associate counsel for Mr Al-Hassan (Mali) towards the end of the prosecution case, and during the victims’ case, before the ICC. In 2016-2017, I was chair of two inaugural ICCBA committees: the Training Committee and the Professional Standards Advisory Committee. I work just as comfortably in French as I do in English, an important advantage given the often multilingual nature of the work of the ICC.


Deirdre Montgomery



Tanya Pettay



Drazen Plavec



Geoff Roberts

Geoff Roberts is currently Co-Counsel representing Rexhep Selimi before the Kosovo Specialist Chambers. He has previously represented Anselme Nzabonimpa before the IRMCT and Assad Sabra before the STL as well as working for the Defence teams of Naser Oric and Rasim Delic at the ICTY, Thomas Lubanga at the ICC and Ieng Sary at the ECCC.

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