The Disciplinary Council is an independent organ of the ADC-ICT. It is responsible for monitoring the conduct of members, adjudicating on complaints received against members and providing advisory opinions on ethical related matters and interpretation of the Constitution. 

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Chad Mair

Chad Mair is currently Counsel assigned to represent the rights and interests of the Accused Salim Jamil Ayyash at the STL. Prior to working at the STL, Mair worked on a number of cases at the ICTY, including the Defence teams for Idriz Balaj, Momčilo Perišić and Stojan Župljanin at the ICTY.

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Jason Alarid
Jens Dieckmann

Jens Dieckmann has represented clients in all areas of national and international criminal law.  He has been counsel at the ICTY in the following cases: Prosecutor v. Milan Lukić & Sredoje Lukić, Prosecutor v. Sadri Selca, Prosecutor v. Astrid Haraqija and Bajrush Morina, Prosecutor v. Zdravko Tolimir and the Dragomir Pećanac Contempt Case. He has also represented victims at the ICC.

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Felicity Gerry KC

Libertas Chambers, London and Crockett Chambers, Melbourne. Professor of Legal Practice at Deakin University teaching war crimes, terrorism and modern slavery law and Honorary Professor at Salford University in the school of Health and society.

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Deirdre Montgomery