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As a global community of legal practitioners dedicated to the fields of international criminal law and human rights, the ADC-ICT offer membership to organisations.

The ADC-ICT was founded over two decades ago, originating from a pivotal role at the UN International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY). Since then, the Association has evolved into a multifaceted organisation offering invaluable resources and support to legal professionals worldwide. Our membership comprises of lawyers from diverse backgrounds, all united by a passion for justice and human rights advocacy.


Organisational membership with the ADC-ICT opens doors to a wealth of benefits for members of your organisation. Members gain access to a variety of services, including regular training sessions, thought-provoking conferences, and access to ethical guidance and amicus briefs. Our online training portal features several training courses and certificates for obtaining Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits can be provided for members of your organisation who complete the courses. 

By joining ADC-ICT, your organisation becomes part of a vibrant global network of legal professionals, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange. Moreover, members of the ADC-ICT have the opportunity to apply to be an observer at the Military Commissions in Guantanamo Bay. 

Whether your organisation is already deeply engaged in international legal practice or seeking to broaden its presence in the field of international law and human rights, the ADC-ICT can offer a gateway to new opportunities and a community of like-minded professionals.

Further information on organisational membership can be found in the brochure available here.

If your organisation is interested in joining the ADC-ICT, enquires can be sent to:

Organisational Membership Fees 2024

1-10 members - €500

10-50 members - €1,000

50-100 members - €2,000

100-300 members - €3,500

300-1000 members - €7,500

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