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The ADC-ICT is able to provide tailored external training for groups and organisations in various practical and substantive areas of international criminal law and international humanitarian law. These training programmes are organised on an individual basis to suit the requirements of the organisation or group. They can be conducted either in The Hague or in a location which is more suitable to the organisation's needs. The duration of the training programmes can vary from one-day to a full week, depending on what specific aspects are to be covered. 

The ADC-ICT can provide expert trainers for the following topics:

  • Substantive International Criminal Law, including:

    • Core Crimes: genocide, Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes

    • Mens rea in international criminal law

    • Command Responsibility

    • Joint Criminal Enterprise

    • Modes of Liability​​​

    • Defences in international criminal law

  • Substantive International Humanitarian Law, including:

    • Main principles of IHL: military necessity, precaution, distinction and proportionality

    • Methods in armed conflict: distinction, definition of civilians, combatant status, legitimate targets, perfidy and ruses of war

    • Means in armed conflict: general principles and  special treaty regimes on specific weapons

    • Protection of  Prisoners Of War (POWs) and civilians

    • Special protection of cultural property.

  • International criminal law procedure

  • Legal Drafting

  • Oral Advocacy

  • General Evidence

  • Dealing with Expert Witnesses

  • Forensic and DNA Evidence

  • Witness Proofing

  • Investigation Skills

  • Strategy and Theory of Building a Case

To make an inquiry about a specific programme, please use the form below and the ADC-ICT will create a proposal for your consideration. 

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