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The Amicus Committee is responsible for drafting any requests for Amicus it may receive. These requests can come from defence teams at the IRMCT as well as judges. In certain situations the Amicus Committee may be requested to draft briefs for cases before other international courts and tribunals. 


Sarah Bafadhel

Sarah Bafadhel is member of the Bar of England and Wales with fifteen years’ experience specialising in international criminal law, public international law and human rights law.  Sarah has defended clients in international and national institutions including the International Criminal Court, International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals, Special Tribunal for Lebanon and the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia as well as the European Court of Justice. She is regularly instructed to provide legal consultation and advice to governments and NGOs across Europe, Africa and the Middle East in relation to the implementation, enforcement and consequences of international obligations arising from treaties, judicial decisions and regulatory measures. Sarah has an LLM specialising in public international law from King’s College London and is fluent in Arabic. 


Jason Antley

Jason is an experienced international rule of law / justice consultant and leading case management expert. International criminal experience (ICTY, STL, and ICC), recognized as an expert in case management systems for defence teams, and the analysis of telecommunications and digital evidence. Currently he is leading the Prosecutions component of an FCDO CTPF project in Iraq and Kurdistan, meant to improve fair trials at the national level for terrorism suspects. Previously he consulted on similar CSSF projects in Somaliland, Kosovo, and Saudi Arabia. He has also provided courtroom training to telecommunication analysts in the United Kingdom. Jason is a qualified lawyer in the United States (Georgia); a certified expert for Justice Rapid Response in case management; member of Executive Committee and Training Committee at the ICCBA; member of the Training Committee and Amicus Committee for the ADC-ICT.


Van Hampton



Véronique Talbot



Mirjana Vukajlović

Mirjana is an experienced trial lawyer and legal advisor, with domestic and international practice in national law, as well as in International Humanitarian Law (IHL), International Criminal Law (ICL) and Human Rights consultancy. She has an extensive track record in some of the most high-profile war crimes and IHL cases (ICTY, ICTR, IRMCT), as a counsel, consultant and investigator. She has provided legal advisory services to individuals, business enterprises, international organisations, governments, and non-governmental organisations. She also holds a MA in International Politics and Negotiations.

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