The Executive Committee is responsible for the administration, finances, policy and representation of the ADC-ICT. The overall decision making body is the General Assembly of the ADC-ICT which convenes annually. 

Marie O'Leary

Marie O'Leary is currently Counsel for the Office of Public Counsel for the Defence (OPCD) at the ICC. She was previously a member of the defence teams of Naser Orić, Vlastimir Đorđević, Milan Lukić (Lukić & Lukić) and Dragomir Pećanac at the ICTY. O'Leary previously held the position of Head of Office for the ADC-ICTY. 

Kate Gibson
Vice President

Admitted as a lawyer in Queensland, Australia in 2001, Kate Gibson has been practicing before international criminal courts and tribunals since 2005. She is currently the co-counsel of Mr. Bosco Ntaganda before the ICC, and holds an appointment as Senior Legal Consultant with the International Development Law Organisation (IDLO) in Rome, working in capacity building in the Rwanda judicial sector. 


Kate has previously represented accused at the ICTR, including Minister Justin Mugenzi and General Gratien Kabiligi who were both acquitted of all charges.  She was the co-counsel of former Liberian President Charles Taylor before the SCSL, and represented victims in the first case at the ECCC.  Between 2009 and 2018 Kate represented Jean-Pierre Bemba at the ICC, who was acquitted of all charges.  Most recently, she was Co-Counsel for Radovan Karadžić on appeal before the IRMCT.  In addition to representing accused and victims, in 2007-2008, Kate was the Associate Legal Officer of Judge Mohamed Shahabudeen in the Appeals Chamber of the ICTY and ICTR. In 2018, she was appointed as a Legal Consultant to the UN Independent International Fact-Finding Mission for Myamnar. She holds an LL.M in International Law from Cambridge University.

Gregor Guy-Smith
Vice President

Gregor Guy-Smith has been involved as defence counsel at the ICTY for over 10 years and has represented as counsel, Idriz Balaj, Momicilo Perišić and Fatmir Limaj. He was President of the ADC-ICTY between 2006 and 2007 and has regularly served on committees. He is currently a member of the Advisory Panel to the President and Registrar of the IRMCT.

Dragan Ivetic
Vice President

Dragan Ivetic has been involved in cases at the ICTY since 1999. He is currently the Co-Counsel to Ratko Mladić in the ICTY case Prosecutor v. Mladić and Legal Consultant for Valentin Corić in the Prlić et al case. Ivetic has also been a Co-Counsel in the cases Prosecutor v. Mejakić et al., Prosecutor v. Milutinović et al and Prosecutor v. Milan Lukić & Sredoje Lukić at the ICTY.

Geoff Roberts
Vice President

Geoff Roberts was admitted to the New York Bar in 2006. He holds a Law Degree in English and French Law from King's College London and the Université Paris I, Pantheon-Sorbonne in Paris and a Masters from the University of Nottingham in International Criminal Justice and Armed Conflict. He practices internationally, almost exclusively before international and hybrid courts and tribunals. 

For the last four years he worked as a Legal Officer for the Defence Office of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon and subsequently for the Defence team for Mr Assad Sabra before the same tribunal and is currently assigned as co-counsel.  He has previously worked as a legal assistant or legal consultant for the Defence teams representing Naser Oric and Rasim Delic at the ICTY, Thomas Lubanga at the ICC and Ieng Sary at the ECCC. He has also previously worked as an Associate Legal Officer for the Office of the Prosecutor at the ICTY

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