The Membership Committee is responsible for assessing all applications for Full Membership of the ADC-ICT. Applications are assessed against the qualifications requirements for membership of the ADC-ICT which can be found in Article 3 of the Constitution. 

Alan Yatvin
Jens Dieckmann

Jens Dieckmann has represented clients in all areas of national and international criminal law.  He has been counsel at the ICTY in the following cases: Prosecutor v. Milan Lukić & Sredoje Lukić, Prosecutor v. Sadri Selca, Prosecutor v. Astrid Haraqija and Bajrush Morina, Prosecutor v. Zdravko Tolimir and the Dragomir Pećanac Contempt Case. He has also represented victims at the ICC.

Van Hampton
Kurt Kerns
Boris Zorko

Mr. Zorko graduated law at the University of Belgrade - Faculty of Law in 2001, Belgrade, Serbia. Upon completion of the bar exam, he was admitted to Bar Chamber of Serbia in 2005. As  of 2001 until present, Mr. Zorko represents clients in the fields of  litigation, civil, commercial and labour law in all instances before  domestic courts in Serbia, governmental organs and other organizations. During 2004/2005 he was monitoring  criminal trials before County and Municipal Courts in Belgrade, from  the preservations of human rights aspect.From  2005 until present, he is eganged in numerous cases before  International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, such as:  Milutinovic et al., Prosecutor v. Momcilo Perisic and Prosecutor v.  Ratko Mladic. He is also a Defence Attorney in war crimes case before Belgrade High Court.He is an Associate member of the Association of Defence Counsel practising before the International Courts and Tribunals.