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ADC-ICT Representatives attend ICTY Closing Ceremony

On 21 December 2017, the ICTY Closing Ceremony took place in the Knight's Hall in the Parliament of the Netherlands. King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands and António Guterres, UN Secretary General were in attendance. The event was attended by approximately 300 people and marked the end of the 24 years of the ICTY which will officially close on 31 December 2017. Speeches were given by the Principals of the ICTY including the President, Prosecutor and Registrar. The UN Secretary General gave the Keynote Address. Marie O'Leary, ADC-ICT Vice President, gave a speech on behalf of the ADC-ICT. The fact the defence were included officially in the closing ceremony illustrates how far the defence community has come at the ICTY being included in such an official event.

The ceremony included a musical intelude of Solomon's Auria with ICTy Judge Alphons Orie performing. After the ceremony there was a reception which was attended by all participants.

The full video of the ceremony is available here.

A selection of photos are available in the gallery.

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