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Advocacy Training - Understanding the Military and Examination of Military Witnesses

On Saturday 17 February 2018, the ADC-ICT held its first training of the year. The training was conducted by Stéphane Bourgon and covered the topic of 'Understanding the Military and Examination of Military Witnesses'. The training was attended by approximately 30 participants from a variety of backgrounds.

Mr Stéphane Bourgon Ad.E., former military officer and member of the Canadian Judge Advocate General Branch, who has been practising before international courts (ICTY, ICTR, STL, MICT and ICC) for more than 20 years. International criminal cases often involve complex armed conflicts involving military personnel occupying important command or staff positions.

This training covered why understanding the organization and functioning of the military is paramount for all phases of such cases, including the conduct of investigations. Examining and/or cross-examining military witnesses, in particular high level commanders, requires detailed military knowledge that can be acquired. This requirement is even greater when dealing with military experts.

The ADC-ICT conducts monthly training sessions for more information on upcoming events visit the Training page.


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