ADC-ICT Appears as Amicus in the Dominic Ongwen Appeal Proceedings at the ICC

On 16 February 2022, Mr. Chad Mair, Chair of the ADC-ICT Amicus Committee, appeared as Amicus at the request of the Appeals Chamber, in the Dominic Ongwen appeal proceedings at the International Criminal Court.

The issue which the ADC-ICT was invited to provide amicus submissions on was cumulative convictions.

In December 2021, the ADC-ICT had filed a an amicus brief which covered the topics of:

  • the legal interpretation of article 31(1)(a) and (d) of the Statute concerning grounds for excluding criminal responsibility;

  • evidentiary issues relating to mental disease or defect;

  • the burden of proof when asserting a ground for excluding criminal responsibility; and the standard of proof applicable to the assessment of mental disease or defect or duress; and