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Defence Interns Visit Eurojust

On 1 April 2016, a study visit was made to the Eurojust Headquarters in The Hague. A presentation was given by Tatiana Janewicz, Senior Legal Officer, about the mission of Eurojust and its structure. The participants were hosted in the Plenary Meeting Room, where the member states regularly meet to discuss issues and collaborate on missions.

Ms. Janewicz explained her role which included tackling human trafficking which has become a primary task of the agency in light of the recent immigration crisis. She explained the inter-relationship between Eurojust and Europol and how the Headquarters will be moving close to Europol in 2017.

The interns engaged actively in a questions and answer session and benefited from having the expertise of Ms. Janewicz.

The ADC-ICTY regularly organises study trips to international organisations located in The Hague, for more photos from the trips please click here.

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